TarynRegistered Dental Hygienist

Taryn is a passionate and dedicated Registered Dental Hygienist, whose dental journey began with a certificate in dental assisting from SAIT. After gaining valuable experience in Medicine Hat, she made the decision to further her education and achieved academic excellence as a dental hygienist in Ontario.

With a genuine interest in her patients’ well-being, Taryn thrives on building long-term relationships and creating a comfortable and trusting dental experience. As a committed clinician, she consistently goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care, ensuring that her patients receive the highest quality treatment and attention during their visits. Patient satisfaction and optimal oral health are always at the forefront of her priorities.

When Taryn is not brightening smiles, she embraces the joys of spending time with her loved ones, cherished friends, and beloved dogs. Her adventurous spirit draws her towards new experiences and unique culinary discoveries, making her a connoisseur of distinctive restaurants. Taryn greatly values the suggestions and recommendations her patients offer, as she appreciates the opportunity to explore diverse dining options.

Taryn’s commitment to her profession, compassionate patient care, and genuine zest for life make her a valued member of the dental community. Her dedication to delivering exceptional oral healthcare, combined with her love for family, friends, and culinary exploration, create a well-rounded and fulfilling life both inside and outside the dental office.