SaraDental Administrator

Sara brings a unique blend of scientific acumen and a passion for patient care to her role as a Dental Adminsitrator. With a background in neuroscience, Sara’s journey into dentistry began when she was hired fresh out of college, seamlessly transitioning into the field without prior experience.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Sara’s diverse interests shine through her love for documentaries, culinary exploration, and the thrill of trying new experiences. This curiosity extends to her professional life, where she consistently seeks to broaden her skills and knowledge.

Sara’s favorite aspect of her job lies in building strong connections. She takes immense pride in establishing rapport with patients and fostering collaborative relationships within her dental team. Her reserved yet outgoing nature, coupled with exceptional kindness and resourcefulness, contributes to a harmonious and effective work environment.

With a scientific foundation, a passion for patient well-being, and a love for continuous learning, Sara exemplifies a dedicated professional who brings both depth and warmth to the dental practice.

(587) 872-5669