Dental Bridges in SW Calgary, AB

Dental Bridges Near You

When you lose a small number of teeth, consider receiving dental bridges near you to restore your smile. We offer dental bridges in SW Calgary, which are prosthetic teeth. Like the bridges you drive and walk on, they span a gap in your mouth anchored on healthy teeth on either end. These healthy teeth on either side of the gap are covered in a crown, with the “pontic” (false tooth or teeth) in the middle. We’ll take a look at your mouth and recommend a style of bridge based on how strong and healthy your anchoring teeth are, and where the gap in your mouth is.

dental bridges in sw calgary

The Procedure for Dental Bridges Near You

Dental bridges in SW Calgary are constructed by reducing your teeth on either side of the absent tooth or teeth. Your abutment teeth will be reduced in size, which makes room for the bridge to restore the size and shape of your original teeth in accurate alignment with the opposing teeth.

After your teeth are prepared, an impression is taken by your dentist in SW Calgary, AB T3E 0B2, and sent to a dental laboratory for processing. Usually, your dental bridges near you will take one to two weeks until your bridge is ready. Your dentist will place a temporary bridge in place until your return for your second appointment.

dental bridges near you

Your Second Appointment

At your second visit, your dentist will remove the temporary bridge and permanently cement the final bridge into place. Not only do dental bridges in SW Calgary restore the function and aesthetics, but they also prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting out of place and filling in spaces, making your teeth susceptible to decay.

Interested in dental bridges near you? We offer dental bridges in SW Calgary, AB T3C 1N1. All patients will be required to schedule a consultation with our dentist to determine candidacy. The best candidate for dental bridges near you will be missing one or more teeth and will practice good oral hygiene. If you’re interested in receiving dental bridges, schedule a consultation with us!

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