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Dentures, those teeth in a glass beside your bed, the ones grandpa used to prank you with by removing his teeth in front of you, and the reason grandma won’t eat popcorn anymore. Dentures might bring up images of elderly people with puckered lips, but denture technology has improved a long way! Dentures in SW Calgary are a common solution for people who have lost a significant number of teeth or a few. They come in partial and full versions.

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Partial vs. Full Dentures

Partial dentures near you (or simply “a partial”) has a gum-coloured base with multiple teeth, not necessarily in a row, along the base. These fit in the spaces between your existing natural or implanted teeth. They are secured with clips or brackets and can be removed.

Full dentures in SW Calgary, on the other hand, have a complete row of teeth attached to a gum-coloured base and can be made for either the top or bottom of your mouth. The palate, or roof of your mouth, may be covered with a denture or it may be open, depending on style. Sometimes you will need dental adhesive to hold them in.

When you schedule an appointment for dentures near you, our dentist will evaluate the health and state of your mouth to determine whether you would benefit from partial or full dentures in SW Calgary, AB T3E 0B2.

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The Denture Process

If you’re interested in receiving dentures near you, you will be relieved to know it’s a straightforward process.The procedure for receiving dentures in SW Calgary may require multiple appointments to ensure a proper, comfortable fit. The denture process will include:

Dental Impressions

An extremely accurate dental impression (mould) and measurements are taken by your SW Calgary dentist and used to fabricate your custom dentures.


Your dentist will send the impressions to a dental laboratory and your new teeth will be fabricated using them.

Final Fitting

Several “try-in” appointments may be necessary to ensure your denture is the proper shape, colour, and fit. At your final appointment for dentures in SW Calgary, your dentist will precisely place and adjust the false teeth.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Interested in partial dentures near you? At Bow Trail Dental, we offer dentures in SW Calgary, AB T3E 0B2. We offer dentures near you to restore your smile from missing teeth and unwanted gaps from aging, accident, trauma.

You may qualify for dentures near you if:

  • You are missing teeth.
  • You have a few remaining teeth.
  • You have healthy bone tissue.
  • You are looking for an affordable teeth-replacement option.
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