ArykaRegistered Dental Assistant

Meet Aryka, a Calgary native who has been thriving as a dental assistant for five years! Her dedication and passion for her work shine through every day at Bow Trail Dental. Aryka finds immense joy in educating her patients, empowering them with knowledge to maintain optimal oral health. If you ever find yourself searching for Aryka in the office, just follow the sound of laughter, as she believes in creating a warm and cheerful environment.

When Aryka is not busy providing exceptional dental care, she indulges in her hobbies. She finds solace in the pages of a good book, unleashes her creativity through drawing, and delights in the art of baking. In addition, Aryka values spending quality time with her loved ones, cherishing the company of her friends and family, and doting on her beloved feline companion.

With her friendly demeanor and dedication to patient education, Aryka is an invaluable asset to the dental team. Her genuine care and commitment make her an integral part of the Bow Trail Dental family.