CaoilfhinnDental Administrator

Caoilfhinn, a spirited individual hailing from Ireland. Growing up with three siblings, she developed a strong sense of connection and family bonds. In 2010, Caoilfhinn embarked on an exciting journey and made Canada her new home.

During her spare time, Caoilfhinn finds solace and fulfillment in working out, nurturing her physical well-being, and exploring the vibrant culinary scene with her friends. You can often find her seeking out cool restaurants and relishing new gastronomic experiences.

Caoilfhinn’s passion for cheerleading extends beyond her personal interests. She dedicates her time to coaching aspiring cheerleaders, sharing her expertise and fostering their growth.

Additionally, she now spends some of her weekends as a judge at cheer competitions, contributing her valuable insights to the sport.

Caoilfhinn’s journey into the dental field stems from a growing interest in oral health and its impact on overall well-being. It led her to join the team at Bow Trail Dental, where she has found a fulfilling career path. Her dedication to learning and her genuine enthusiasm for dental care make her an invaluable asset to the practice.

With her vibrant personality and diverse experiences, Caoilfhinn brings a unique perspective to both her professional and personal life. Her determination and passion shine through in everything she does, leaving a positive and lasting impact on those around her.

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