Composite Fillings in SW Calgary, AB

Composite Fillings Near You

Has tooth decay or dark fillings in your teeth negatively affected the appearance of your smile? If you answered yes, you may want to consider composite fillings in SW Calgary, AB T3C 1N1. This dental restoration is made of a ceramic and plastic compound, used to restore teeth and make cosmetic improvements for an attractive and healthy smile.

The Process of Receiving Composite Fillings

After the dentist has determined you are eligible for composite fillings in SW Calgary, your tooth will be isolated. The infection will be cleaned, and the composite resin will fill your tooth. The dentist will then shape your filling to make it seamlessly blend in with your teeth.

composite fillings in sw calgary

The Benefits of Composite Fillings Near You

Composite fillings in SW Calgary—also referred to as tooth-coloured fillings offer multiple advantages in comparison to traditional silver or amalgam fillings.

Our dental office provides composite fillings in SW Calgary to give you a natural-looking solution for cracks and chips in your teeth. In addition to restoring your tooth, composite fillings can enhance the appearance of your tooth’s shape and colour.

Minimizes Tooth Sensitivity

Compared to other fillings, our dental office offers composite fillings in SW Calgary, AB, T3C 1N1 with resin that protects your tooth when you consume hot and cold beverages and foods.

Natural Appearance

Composite fillings near you are superior when it comes to appearance. Given that they aren’t made of metal; your dentist in SW Calgary, AB T3C 1N1 can match them to your natural teeth. This means nobody will know you have fillings—other than you and your dentist of course.

Tooth Conservation

Another advantage of composite fillings in SW Calgary is that they allow your dentist to conserve more of your natural tooth structure when compared to amalgams. At Bow Trail Dental, we practice conservative dentistry. We believe that the more natural tooth structure you can save, the healthier your teeth will be in the future.

Quick Process

Since composite resin hardens immediately, the process is less time consuming compared to other types of fillings.


Composite fillings near you can last for seven to ten years, which is as long as traditional amalgams. Tooth-coloured fillings serve to support the remaining tooth structure, preventing breakage and insulating against temperature changes.

We offer tooth composite fillings in SW Calgary, AB T3C 1N1 along with other dental restorations. Contact our dental clinic today to learn if you may benefit from composite fillings.