SheturRegistered Dental Assistant

Shetur is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the dental industry, having worked in two different countries. Her journey began with a prestigious scholarship at a government dental school in India, where she completed her undergraduate education in 2012. Motivated by her passion for dentistry, Shetur pursued further specialization and obtained her Masters in Dentistry.

In 2018, she embarked on a new chapter in her career by relocating to Canada, driven by a deepening curiosity for all aspects of oral health. Immersed in the Canadian dental landscape, Shetur dedicated herself to advancing her knowledge and skills in the field.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Shetur finds joy in embracing her inner geek through TV shows like Friends, Stranger Things, and The Office. In her leisure time, you can often find her indulging in activities that bring her happiness and keep her active, such as dancing, hiking, biking, and ice skating.

With her wealth of experience, insatiable curiosity, and commitment to oral health, Shetur continues to make significant contributions to the dental industry, providing exceptional care and promoting overall dental wellness.