CarleyDental Administrator

Born and raised against the majestic backdrop of Alberta’s skies, Carley discovered her ultimate haven in the vibrant city of Calgary. With over seven years of experience as a dental administrator, she has cultivated a deep understanding of the significance of a confident smile.

Carley embodies the friendly and approachable spirit of Calgary – happy, easy-going, and sociable. Thriving on human connections, she eagerly embraces adventures, provided there’s a solid plan in place. When not at the dental office, she can be found relishing the great outdoors with her significant other, Eric, and their two beloved dogs, Luna and Penny. They enjoy exploring Calgary’s diverse culinary scene together.

Finding immense joy in witnessing people smile, both figuratively in the office and literally in everyday life, Carley is dedicated to ensuring that dental experiences are as enjoyable as possible. Let her share a laugh and make your dental visit a memorable one.