Why Choose One Dentist for Your Entire Family

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For families with multiple little ones, life is often filled with never-ending happy chaos. There is always something going on outside of school, and amid all the playdates, sports, extracurricular activities, and more, it is quite natural to sometimes forget a dental appointment.

However, since the lifelong oral health of a person starts its strong foundation during the very early ages of life, it’s very important to ensure that your little ones do not miss their dental appointments. This is why it is important to have one dentist in Calgary who will attend to the dental care needs of your entire family. Having one dentist for the entire family comes with many benefits. This article lists a few of them.


When you have children of varying ages, the treatments that they may need to undergo differ from one child to another. For example, while your youngest may be struggling with their baby teeth, your pre-teen may be showing signs of needing braces. A dentist’s office that offers family dentistry in Calgary solves these problems once and for all. You can receive comprehensive care for not only your little ones but also yourself when you opt for a family dentist. The following are some of the services offered by a family dentist near you.

  1. Regular checkups
  2. Dental cleanings
  3. Fillings
  4. Dental crowns and bridges
  5. Veneers
  6. Teeth whitening
  7. Invisalign treatments
  8. Dental implants

Personal Care

Having a family dentist allows you to develop a pleasant and cordial friendship with your dental care provider over the years. When your children feel familiar with the dentist and the dental office, they will be more likely to willingly participate in your trips to regular dental checkups rather than dreading these visits. Most dentists offer small incentives to encourage little ones when they visit their dentist. Having a family dentist who you know well and trust, will make this experience even more positive.

Moreover, when you continuously visit the same dentist over time, they really begin to understand your comfort levels and will always strive to provide treatment most conveniently and comfortably to you. For those who need long term treatments such as Invisalign, having a dentist that you know and trust would build more confidence in you.

Research in one go

When it comes to any medical care provider, we like to do some research before making an appointment with them. When you decide to visit a family dentist, you can find a dental professional who is trained, experienced, and skilled at what they do by conducting thorough research at first. Adequate research and reading patient reviews will keep your mind at ease… Especially when it comes to a dentist for your little ones. Knowing that they are in truly capable hands takes away much doubt and fear for worried mothers and fathers. Tip: Always check for updated licenses and testimonials from previous clients before you settle on a family dentist.

Family time!

In the hectic life of a family with working parents, finding time to see the dentist can be challenging for everyone – not just children. This is why it is a great benefit to be able to schedule all the appointments in one go for the entire family. Whether it’s a teeth cleaning for your little one, braces for your pre-teen, a filling for your spouse, or a dental bridge for you; simply schedule your appointment in one go. You can inform the dentist’s office before scheduling and select a time that is most convenient for everyone. Many dental offices now offer same-day booking as well, making your job even easier!


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