Which Type of Mouthguard is Best?

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It likely comes as no surprise to hear that Canadians are enduring more stress than ever before. Increased workloads have been taking up significant levels of our time and energy, leading to increased stress levels that are evident in the condition of our teeth. Bruxism, or involuntary nighttime grinding and clenching of teeth, is more prevalent than ever amongst Canadians. At Bow Trail Dental, we offer mouthguards in SW Calgary to help patients of all ages ease the tension and pain associated with nighttime grinding due to stress.

What Are Night Guards?

Night guards are plastic devices that are fitted over the top teeth to lessen the effects of nighttime clenching and grinding. A night guard prevents the upper and lower teeth from making contact with each other, reducing the risk of wearing and chipping. There are two kinds of mouthguards near you, over-the-counter mouthguards and custom-made mouthguards by a dentist in SW Calgary.

You may be wondering why you would invest hundreds of dollars into a custom-made mouthguard when there are cheap, readily available mouthguards available at your local drugstore. Here are some reasons why you should consider it:

More Comfort Leads to Better Sleep

There are two main kinds available when it comes to over-the-counter mouthguards, and both are very cost-friendly. The issue with stock mouthguards is that they are unable to provide patients with a custom fit. These mouthguards are one-size-fits-all, meaning that they are often bulky and uncomfortable. Many individuals find that they struggle to breathe properly while wearing these cheaper guards, and some even experience more struggles sleeping than they had in the first place! Due to the poor fit and discomfort of these mouthguards, most patients choose to stop using these devices in under a year.

When you visit a dentist near you for a custom-fitted night guard, it will be made to fit your mouth structure and no one else’s. It should fit snugly against your teeth and should not interfere with your breathing at all. Your custom night guard may cost you more than an over-the-counter option; however, the comfort and alleviation of painful symptoms that come with these devices make them well worth the investment. Some dental health plans will provide some level of coverage for custom mouthguards, and they can last patients for up to six years.

If you have been told that you need a nightguard, you should take this recommendation very seriously. A mouthguard can do wonders for protecting your oral health and alleviate painful and frustrating symptoms associated with nighttime clenching and grinding. Our team of dedicated dental professionals at Bow Trail Dental is happy to offer our patients custom-fitted night guards. We understand that spending a lot of money on such an appliance can feel overwhelming, but the investment is very much worth it, and choosing to buy cheaper over-the-counter mouthguards can do more harm than good to your oral health. If you don’t believe us, try out one of these cheap over-the-counter guards yourself- you will soon see that saving money is not worth living in discomfort.

Interested in Custom-Fitted Mouthguards?

If you are a sufferer of nighttime clenching and grinding and are struggling with finding a solution to your pain and frustration, look no further than custom-made mouthguards. Our team at Bow Trail Dental is proud to provide these appliances to all of our patients. We understand how important getting a good night’s rest is for daily productivity, happiness, and overall quality of life. Please do not hesitate to contact our clinic to schedule a consultation for custom-made mouthguards today!