Porcelain Dental Crowns: What to Expect

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It is safe to say that every dental professional wants to extend the life of your teeth. Even when it seems they are irreparable, there may be a way to save them, and a prosthodontic dentist in SW Calgary is the first person to ask.

The most common cause for tooth loss is tooth decay. When it destroys a large part of the dental piece, you may need to undergo root canal therapy with an endodontics dentist near you.

During the procedure, your doctor will remove the cameral and radicular pulp of the tooth and disinfect it. Afterward, they will seal the canals with a biocompatible material and restore the tooth with porcelain crowns near you—offered at our office.

What is a Dental Crown?

We offer porcelain crowns in SW Calgary which are caps that are the shape of your natural teeth that your dental professional places over a damaged (and now fixed) tooth. The tooth may have a root canal or may not.

Opting for a porcelain crown is excellent in some cases because of the resistance it provides to the tooth. When you have a large cavity, it is not a good idea to fill it with composite resin. Dental fillings cannot withstand heavy chewing forces when there is little healthy dental structure left.

Dental crowns are also part of a dental bridge. A porcelain bridge consists of a fake tooth (a pontic) that rests over the gum where the gap of a missing tooth is, and it has a porcelain crown on each side that cap the neighboring teeth for support.

What to Expect

First, you need to determine if you qualify for a dental crown. Maybe your cavity requires only a dental filling, or maybe not. A specialist will evaluate you clinically, take a set of x-rays to check on your jawbone, and plan the best treatment. If it is a dental crown, you will need two appointments:

First Appointment

At this dental visit, your doctor will administer a local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort during the entire procedure. They will remove any decayed tissue and prepare the tooth for the dental crown. Then, they will take a mold of your teeth with a special putty. Your doctor may also take photographs to capture the before/after.

Your dental professional will place a temporary crown in place so you go home with your tooth protected and with a notion of how you will look.

A dental technician will create your dental crown with the selected shade of color that matches your teeth for a natural look. The process may take a couple of weeks.

Second Appointment

At this visit, your dental professional will remove the temporary dental crown and fit the final one. They will evaluate the fitting and adjust it if necessary. Once everything is alright, they will cement it, and you will be ready to show your new smile to the world.

Caring for Your Dental Crown

A porcelain crown doesn’t require special maintenance. You may keep your usual oral care routine. Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss between teeth, avoid sugary snacks and continue with your regular dental checkups.

If you maintain proper oral care habits, your dental crown may last up to 15 years, sometimes even more. Dental crowns are expensive, but patients state that it is a long-term investment, and it is worth it.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you have any other doubts regarding the procedure, you may get in touch with our dental office and schedule a free consultation visit. We have a team of experts that look forward to helping you enhance your smile.

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