A Complete Guide to Porcelain Crowns

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Nowadays, dental crowns have gained a lot of popularity. But before considering¬† treatment, it’s essential to acquire a comprehensive amount of information. Read this blog to get an overview of what this treatment entails.

What are Porcelain Crowns?

These crowns are also known as caps. They are artificial teeth used to repair severely damaged teeth or after your dental implant treatment. The cap takes the shape of your natural teeth and is available in different materials. Visit a dentist near you to determine which type of crown is suitable for you to restore your oral health. Crowns made of porcelain or ceramic have the finest and most natural appearance. These crowns match the size, color, and shape of existing natural teeth. As there are no toxic materials in the material used to make these crowns, your overall health is not affected.

What is the Process of Placing a Porcelain Crown?

For this procedure, two dental appointments are often required. Your dentist will examine and prepare the affected teeth after taking X-rays of the tooth and the bone that supports them to check for signs of decay or nerve damage.

The tooth and surrounding gum tissues will be numbed by the dentist in order to prepare the tooth for the crown. This is not absolutely necessary, even though the tooth nerves have probably been removed, but it can help you feel more at ease. To make room for the crown, the affected tooth’s structure will be filed down on both sides.

The extent of filing depends on the type of crown that will be employed. Since they are thinner, complete metal crowns are less intrusive than full porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. If a substantial portion of the tooth is lost due to a disease or accident, a composite material will be used to rebuild the tooth’s structure for the crown.

After cutting the tooth, the dentist will take your bite impressions. A material that resembles putty is used to create traditional impressions. These impressions are then submitted to the dental lab where your crown will be made. A shade guide will be applied to ensure that the crown matches your natural teeth.

While your permanent crown is being created, your dentist will cover your tooth with a temporary resin or metal crown. This crown protects the tooth and will be removed to make room for a permanent one. It is advised to chew on the opposite side of the mouth and avoid foods that are particularly hard or sticky.

This process is usually painless. During your session, your dentist will provide a local anesthetic if necessary. The temporary crown will be removed, and the area will be cleansed before the permanent tooth is placed. Your dentist will check your crown’s fit to make sure it fits securely and comfortably in your mouth. If there are no issues with the permanent crown, the dentist will permanently bond the crown to the tooth.

Speak with our dentist in SW Calgary to discover more about the procedure and the best course of action for you to regain the functionality of your mouth.

Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

Receiving porcelain crowns near you can benefit you in a number of ways. They are designed to improve the appearance of your smile and the efficiency of your teeth. The following are some advantages of porcelain crowns:

  • Restore teeth that are severely damaged by decay or cavities
  • Fix cracked or damaged teeth
  • Improve the strength of teeth that have lost some of them due to decay or disease or from improper dental implantation.
  • Enhancing the appearance of teeth that are badly discolored or malformed.
  • Appears like natural teeth
  • They match the color, shape, and size of your existing adjacent teeth
  • They are stain resistant


Dental crown installation is a simple procedure. The general dentist will give guidelines for aftercare and upkeep after your procedure is completed. Schedule a visit at Bow Trail Dentistry if you have any other inquiries about the process. We have a team of professionals who provide patients with quality services to improve their facial appearance and restore their dental health.

Get your porcelain crowns in SW Calgary today!